Tree Removals

We are committed to removing trees as safely and efficiently as possible with the use of our equipment. There are many reasons why a tree needs to be removed:

  • Tree is a hazard and could fall damaging your property
  • Home maintenance such as mold and drainage issues
  • Diseased or severe insect damage
  • Dead trees
  • More sunlight
  • New construction, additions, pools and remodeling

Count on G/T to remove your tree(s) safely and in a timely fashion, while providing you peace of mind and that you have chosen the best company for the job!

Tree Pruning
Maintenance pruning will address the entire tree canopy. Dead, diseased and weak limbs are removed. Some people like to prune for a vista, to provide shape, or simply need their trees pruned away from their house or other structures.

Cabling and Bracing
Pruning may not be enough and a mechanical means of support needs to be added. Cables are installed up in the canopy to address certain structural deficiencies, such as a weak limb attachment or multiple stems.

Stump Grinding
G/T uses machines like the Vermeer that operates with a large flywheel equipped with cutting teeth. The operator moves the cutter over the stump, grinding it away a little at a time. Grinding stumps will:

  • Reduce Ant and Termite infestation
  • Removes Hazards~ trip and fall
  • Improves Curb Appeal
  • Increases Property Value
  • Will allow the Replanting of Trees within the area

Lot Clearing Services
G/T can also clean an area of trees, shrubs, unwanted brush and over grown vegetation. We take pride in reducing damage to the area.  We have all the necessary equipment to get the job done right.

Storm Damage Clean up
Living in New England with the harsh winters/weather we have had in the last few years takes a toll on trees.

  • Down, damaged trees and limbs are a hazard to you and your neighbors.


G/T is also in the Junk Business DBA G/T Removal

  • Clean out houses, cellars and garages
  • Dumpsters can be provided
  • Buy junk cars, surplus equipment and trucks
  • Will pay top dollar
  • Always fair and honest

G/T Removal also offers special rates on the removal and disposal of your state banned items.

  • Washer/Dryers/Water Heaters - no charge
  • Stove/Ovens - no charge
  • ACs/Dehumidifiers - no charge
  • Computers/TVs - call for a price

No charge on any other metals, lawn mowers, snow blowers, gas grills, ladders, wires, etc.

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